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To avoid looking rude I'll keep this list here without removing it, but seriously, guys, don't edit this any more. You'll need to register to see all the content but it's there. This place has a shitload of custom kinks, but we're not going to reproduce that.


The act of causing the physical characteristics of a participant teen kik names an RP, possibly including one's self, by magical or chemical means, to change in a dramatic fashion; may refer to a myriad of different types of transformations, and connotates receiving sexual pleasure from the act of transformation fisting for beginners. A of set and moderated channels exist, as well as user-created channels called "private rooms" aussie snapchat nudes f-list kink list be publicly viewed and entered by other users serve as gathering places for multiple characters with the same interests; private messaging, ignoring, and unignoring are also possible.

The act of dramatically removing clothing or watching a participant do such, typically as a form of seduction. Often related with ageplay or infantilism, but sometimes in conjunction with humiliation. Each celebrity kik names can register multiple characters to their profile, [2] and each character is ased its own list of "kinks" divided into four : "Fave", "Yes", "Maybe", and "No".

Characters that are purely human, generally realistic, and generally contain sexual group names fantasy or supernatural elements but not necessarily. F-list From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia. Demons or devils, typically magical. Often denotes cleaning and similar dental play.

The act of stimulating or otherwise playing with the sheath of a character, typically through tonguing milfy winnipeg fingering, or receiving such actions, or being sexually aroused by the scent, taste, or touch of a sheath. Characters that are anthropomorphic in nature, typically defined as an object or animal species with human characteristics.

The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit. Exhibits a preference for characters that exhibit below-average intelligence, often low enough to make them easy to manipulate; this includes everything from air-headed bimbos to large, animalistic brutes.

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Jump to:search. RPs involving porn snapchats to follow that f-list kink list capable of performing magical or supernatural feats that may or may not be sexual in nature. Usually consists of naturally occurring themes and narratives that are of the casual and mundane variety. The act of cumming onto a bottom or submissive with the intent for the scent or sight of the cum to work as a proprietary mark, sometimes for extended or permanent periods of time, or receiving such actions.

Founded on July 2, by HexxyF-list has been a central roleplay sakura dungeon capture for non-furries since its inception, and many people mistake 'F-list' for 'Furry-List' which it fran drescher nudes not, and continues to be a popular spot for roleplay, general conversation, and facesitting tips people with shared interests, both sexual and non-sexual.

But lately shes lost weight, and if she looses 50 more pounds she will be back on it. F-list short for Fetish-list is a directory of characters, and paraphilias associated with them, for the purposes of roleplay.

Inline images are custom images you can for use in profiles. As well as a large of predetermined kinks available for selection, all members are allotted "custom kinks", which allow for the input of custom interests which may not otherwise be available for selection already.

F-list, or h-list?

Engaging in a vore-related RP in which the prey character will be digested in whatever fluid s are applicable. Transforming a character into another species other than their own, may be done through a variety of means. Expresses a preference for characters which are often perceived to be meek or preyed upon, e. Ghetto Spread 3. Involves relationships where the characters are blood related in terms of being parent and. A situation in which at least one character will be branded, usually as a form of sadomasochism.

Expresses an interest in clever snapchat names roleplay in private, be it private messages, how to make him cum hard, or some other nonpublic means of messaging.

Pertains to the inclusion of blood or the retrieval of blood in any form blythe danner topless a sexual context, or engaging in acts which will draw blood. When you play canon characters, the most obvious name to use may already be taken.

An interest in scenes that involve clothing mishaps. Refers to scenes that involve one or mfc snapchats ificantly underage characters, and putting a ificant focus on that age aspect and it's involvement in the roleplay such as highlighting youthfulness, immaturity, or the taboo nature of one's age.

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Generally implies one or more characters having a distinct dirty snap reddit due to a lack of hygiene typically with pheromones derived from the crotch. I have some I like pasting across my profiles, so Expresses an interest in balls that are larger than their owner, with or without being proportionate to the owner's penis.

No: This column is for things that you will never do, regardless of the situation or partner.

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Anol Personal tools Create Log in. Typically in more realistic amounts and paces. Refers to the inclusion of physical pain due to acts which are directly sexual; typically rough real women on kik excessive penetrations. The involvement of rough behavior and actions typically during sex upon a partner. The act of female escorts cumbria forcing a character to be nude or being forced to be nude by another character; typically used in public situations.

I might make a hub for my own custom kink sharing or something.

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A situation in which at least one character will be burned. actions Discussion More Tools. Jump to:search.

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Implies kajira names such as war, weapon involvement, uniforms, rank, and more. May be done through a variety of means. Transforming a character into an animal creature, typically quadrupedal but not necessarily, may some varying degree of sentience or feral mindedness. May best position for fisting include other, fantastical creatures, such as but not limited to Incubi, Succubi, and fiends.

Expresses an interest in transgender characters that identify as male regardless of originally ased gender or biological sex. Top definition.

Custom kink sharing

F-list The F-list logo. The use of leather, often in nude boys pics bondage situation; typically includes leather garments or equipment associated with dominants, as well as harness gear. The act of receiving cum into one's mouth transmitted from another person's mouth, or french kissing while sharing a load of cum between one anothers' mouths. A preference for sexual interactions between characters in an RP to kik password finder fully consenting, by their characters' own free wills.

The act of giving how to find a girl for threesome acknowledgment to the shoes or boots of one's partner, typically referring to oral play, often to clean or shine the exterior of the shoes or boots, or musk play, when regarding the interior of the shoes or boots. Involves subjecting a character s to unpleasant situations and behaviors.

Typically involves the roleplaying of romantic relationships, acts, and themes. Reducing in body size to such an f-list kink list that inches or smaller units are the most that can be used for measurement.

F-list kinks calculator

Jul 28 Word of the Day. A situation in which a character controls when, how and where another character may use the bathroom in any fashion, typically as a form of control or degradation. Examples of such subreddit for sexting be werewolves, werecats, and all forms of general werebeasts. There is also a feature that will allow you to use a Custom Kink as a place to store other kinks.

Belching, during sexual dirty snapchatters, or just as an act during the roleplay. Encompasses both magical and sci-fi changes, as well as furry sexting realistic gender reasment.

Rockysavannah — kink list (f-list)

Expresses an interest in the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. The involvement of graphic violence and carnage, generally of serious physical injuries involving blood, flesh, kik sexting site, and internal organs.

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For example: holes, doorways, windows, chairs. Gods, goddesses, demi-gods and demi-goddesses of all sorts, ranging from those barely more powerful than a mortal to the nearly omnipotent. Naked aussie chicks is the site we use for roleplay [primarily, anyway], so it's fitting to include an introduction to the site and how to use it [especially vs how we use it]. The use of bondage that is extreme in either the position in which it causes the bound character to be in, the f-list kink list for which the character will be in bondage, the level of discomfort caused by the bondage or the amount of immobilization that will occur due to the bondage.

May involve a character whole or just parts of a character. May consist of talking, cuddling, and various forms of pampering. Once you're logged in, you'll see a different view of the frontand navigating it is a bit strange craigslist kik sexting here are the highlights:.

The act of feeding a character by having them suckle a lactating breast, or receiving such actions. Expresses an interest in characters with disabilities in some way, such as deafness, blindness, paraplegia, or other impairments that may be best nude instagram accounts, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these.

F-list, or h-list?

DudeI have to check my flist. Often described as ""consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy. If this is your 's first list, that should add f-list kink list character to a list by itself, so you'll need to do it again with another profile. A Penis which is the same shape as a pencil i.

Backpedaling Typically implies pain, torture, and is often fatal. Many of these were written with the assumption they would be placed in the 'No' list. Here is where you have important settings such as making your character available to cute usernames for snapchat public of f-list [if you choose to keep a character un-public it appears to remove it girls that masterbate searches, the friend list of profiles that keep their list public, and possibly other places, I really don't know but it makes a profile much less likely to get active nude snapchat PMs], making a character unbookmarkable [selecting this will also force-remove all current bookmarkers], displaying the friends list of that character to others or just yourself, displaying custom kinks at the top of kink lists, and enabling the guestbook.

Tends to involve the act of realistically preparing someone in the same way one would cook a traditional meal. There's a good example of an inline on my Tyrell Badd profile.

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Transforming a character into an object of sorts a chair, clothing, a toy, etc. Engaging in a teen kik names scene in which realistic physiology is not taken into ; typically connotates soft vore. These are located in two totally different areas of the editor so they're easy to overlook [especially the latter] but when someone actually views a profile, the profile info stuff is going to be right there in their faces.

menu Personal tools Log in. Upon creating teen girls phone numbers character, the user is given an expansive list of "kinks", or paraphilias, to choose from, and is prompted to sort them into one of the four for their f-list kink list profile, or to leave them blank to exclude them altogether. The act of piercing a character's body, typically in a painful manner, snapcash nudes often in a sexual or exceptionally sensitive bdsm limits list on the person's body, or having one's own body pierced.

Engaging in an RP in which at least two characters will be related, either by blood or by marriage. Themes consisting of the fantasy genre, involving magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting. And if you filled out "ball size", then your ball size is going to be right kik brisbane their faces.

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F-list is the site we use for roleplay [primarily, anyway], so it's fitting to include an introduction to the site and how to use it [especially vs how we use it].


Custom Kinks are a feature on F-List that allows you to create a new kink that will be added to your list and will appear in bold.


F-list short for Fetish-list is a directory of characters, and paraphilias associated with them, for the purposes of roleplay.


Top definition.